Local Eastbury and Moor Park News – April 2021

An election is scheduled to be held on 6 May to contest the seat of a Moor Park/Eastbury Batchworth Community Councillor who has recently resigned. The result will be posted on Batchworth Community Council’s website after 6 May, or, if it is uncontested, then as soon as possible after the closing date for applications, which is 8 April.

There are signs of the daffodils, planted by Batchworth Community Council in the autumn, beginning to shoot and welcome in the Spring on Eastbury Rec.

Please take a minute to log onto the local Neighbourhood Plan website at https://batchworth.commonplace.is/ to comment on shaping the future of our local area. Please also sign up to be part of a local focus group to discuss this further, at https://www.batchworthplan.org.uk/focusandsteering-group/.  If you have no access to the internet, or for more information, please ring 07939 986242.

All members of the public are very welcome to attend the Council’s Full Council, Planning and Finance Committee Meetings. Dates and agendas are listed on the Council’s website, with public participation sessions of 3 minutes per resident. Meetings are currently held remotely via Zoom, with logins on Batchworth Community Council’s website.

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Batchworth Community Council works with local organisations to protect and improve the social, recreational and environmental well-being of the lives of all who live, visit or work in Eastbury, Moor Park and Rickmansworth.