Local Eastbury and Moor Park News – June 2021

This month Batchworth Community Council features a spotlight on its newly appointed Councillor for the Eastbury/Moor Park ward.

Councillor Craige Coren

‘I took early retirement in 2019 having spent over 35 years in the field of business development and client & portfolio management within the commercial property sector. I focused on representing major corporations and fast-growing Mid Cap businesses across the globe. This has giving me the insight as to how major global corporations operated, the flexibility and fast growth of Mid Cap companies and how to work with clients and colleagues successfully across borders and helping clients to adapt to local laws, regulations and working practices.

Since retiring and travelling less for work I have been able to focus on a long held desire to work within my community. I have lived in Eastbury for over 15 years and I am a member of the Eastbury Residents’ Association. I am part of the Batchworth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee leading the MP&E Focus Groups. Currently I sit on the BCC Planning Committee’.

Contact details:
Phone:  01923 590201
Email:  craige.coren@batchworth-ecc.gov.uk  

All members of the public are very welcome to attend the Council’s Full Council, Planning and Finance Committee Meetings. Dates and agendas are listed on the Council’s website, with public participation sessions of 3 minutes per resident. From 7 May onwards, all meetings will be held face to face in Basing House. To accommodate social distancing, if you are planning to attend, please can you email the clerk or phone the office so the Council can legally comply with the current rulings.

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