Openreach Update

Working with the Community in Eastbury and following our last update we have made some progress with Openreach.

Many of you will recall that many of us had seen Openreach laying cable throughout Eastbury during 2020 and early 2021. This led us to having to complete a wider request document and with your help we completed and submitted it. When the initial response was received from Openreach, it was clear that it was incomplete as it only covered 307 houses and to get the fibre to go live the estimated cost was over £900 per house and we needed 100% commitment.

After subsequent conversation they committed to provide as with a correct proposal and after another false start and second incorrect proposal we now have the basis for further discussion.

Openreach have now proposed an initial cost of £513,539.00 for 1,306 houses in Eastbury @ a unit price of £394.75. This again is subject to 100% commitment or will be subject to an increase per house to cover each house that does not wish to commit.

As previously highlighted, this is only Phase One of the work / investigations we need to undertake. We still need to understand why we as residents must pay the final fibre install fee “the switch on” (rather than the third-party suppliers with whom we will have to contract). We believe we need Openreach to engage with third party suppliers and to obtain indicative contract prices.

If any of you have any form of fibre connection, then please do reach out to us. It has been rumoured that a few do and that could be helpful. As soon as we have any more updates or news, we will reach out to you. If you have any questions, please feel free to us via our Clerk.

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