Planning – Help us to help you – Please be ours eyes and ears

  • BCC has found that planning and the subsequent construction of properties is an important matter for our residents.
  • A lot of resident’s comment to us that some planning applications are not built as anticipated, have viewed the original approved plans.
  • BCC also receives a lot of “Retrospective Applications” whereby the consented application has not been followed and changes are sought retrospectively to the works commencing.
  • If you feel that any construction project, close to you, is staying from the planning consent obtained, then please contact us ASAP. BCC can then raise this with TRDC Councillors & where appropriate seek to have action taken. The earlier we are advised the easier it is to rectify the problem.
  • Alongside our fellow TRDC Councillors & Moor Park 58 we have brought several situations of this nature to the attention of the planning officer(s) & where appropriate enforcement notices have been served or alternative action taken.
  • If you are unhappy with any new application submitted to TRDC, please advise us and submit your own comments on the TRDC Portal
  • There is an extensive section on planning on the TRDC website which can be referred to & planning regulations are set out
  • Please remember that any changes to front gardens, which is allowed under Permitted Development Regulations, must utilise Porous Materials. If you see a concrete base or finish or something similar of any kind, then please advise us.

If your are planning to or having works undertaken, PLEASE communicate & share your plans with your neighbours, ask your contractors to respect your neighbourhood and ensure you protect our trees and verges.

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