Neighbourhood Plan

The Batchworth Neighbourhood Plan:

Your help is needed to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan for Rickmansworth, Eastbury and Moor Park. The Plan will set out a shared vision for Batchworth over the next 5 years, identifying options to improve the areas and make them even better places to live and work. You will decide what is included in the Neighbourhood Plan.

If you’d like to get more involved by joining in discussions with the working group; telling us about any relevant experience that could be beneficial to us; or sending us your written suggestions on any aspect of any relevant topic then please contact us or telephone 01923 590201.

The Batchworth Community Council’s Neighbourhood Planning must be community led. Once written, the Neighbourhood Planning will be subject to independent examination and a referendum. If passed then the plan will be in force for 15 years with periodic reviews and once adopted must be considered in evaluating planning applications. Thank you for helping us with this exciting new venture.

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