Council Members

Batchworth Community Councillors deal with decisions that affect the parish area of Eastbury, Moor Park and Rickmansworth. They will lobby on behalf of their community and represent the views of local residents in relation to any issue/matter of concern affecting them directly.

Community Councillors will work alongside district and county councillors representing the same electorate, but for different purposes.


  • Cllr Patrick Heanen (Chairman)
  • Cllr Christopher Horne
  • Cllr Nina Hosking (Vice-Chairman)
  • Cllr François Neckar
  • Cllr Neelima Payne
  • Cllr Ralph Sangster
  • Cllr Nigel Stewart
  • Cllr David Woodford

The Council is currently seeking nominations for it Council elections on 2nd May. If you are interested please visit the Council Vacancies page for further information.

Register of Members' Interests

The Register provides information about any interest which our Councillors have, or any benefit which he or she receives.

Contact a Councillor

You can contact any Batchworth Community Councillor directly through our website contact form.