Meetings, Minutes & Agendas


All meetings are held on Mondays, commencing at 7pm and are held in the William Penn Room, Basing House, 46 High Street, Rickmansworth.

  • Full Council meetings take place every month and are where the most important decisions are made. These meetings are open to members of the public and press unless indicated *. The Staffing Committee will consider matters relating to staff.
  • Full Council meetings will have a public surgery 15 minutes before the meeting unless otherwise stated.

Upcoming Meetings


  • Monday, June 10th
  • Monday, July 8th
  • Monday, August – No Meeting
  • Monday, September 2nd
  • Monday, October 7th
  • Monday, November 4th
  • Monday, December 2nd


  • Monday, January 13th
  • Monday, February 10th
  • Monday, March 9th
  • Monday, April 13th

Community Projects
These councillors will look at new community projects, environmental enhancements and grants to local organisations to support local initiatives:

Cllrs Hosking, Heanen, Sangster, Payne and Stewart


Neighbourhood Planning
These councillors are looking at creating a Neighbourhood Plan for Eastbury, Moor Park and Rickmansworth:

Cllr Hosking


IT and Communications
These councillors will look at the IT requirements to provide a resilient and secure IT infrastructure for the efficient management of the council e.g. hardware, office software, email systems:

Cllrs Heanen, Hosking, Stewart, Woodford and Miles Hosking

Agenda & Minutes

All documents are filed below in their date folder.

Council & Staff Committee


Planning Committee


Finance Committee