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All Full Council meetings are held on Mondays, commencing at 7pm and are held in the William Penn Room, Basing House, 46 High Street, Rickmansworth.

  • Full Council meetings take place every month and are where the most important decisions are made. These meetings are open to members of the public and press unless indicated *. The Staffing Committee will consider matters relating to staff.
  • Full Council meetings will have a public surgery 15 minutes before the meeting unless otherwise stated.

2022-23 meeting dates

May 2022


Tuesday 3 May Finance Committee
Monday 9 May Full Council (Annual Meeting)
Tuesday 10 May Planning Committee
Monday 23 May Parish Meeting
Wednesday 25 May Planning Committee

June 2022


Monday 6 June Finance Committee
Monday 13 June Full Council
Wednesday 15 June Planning Committee
Monday 27 June Planning Committee

July 2022


Monday 4 July Finance Committee
Monday 11 July Full Council  Venue for this meeting Eastbury Farm School
Tuesday 12 July Planning Committee
Monday 25 July Planning Committee

August 2022


Monday 8 August Planning Committee
Monday 22 August Planning Committee

September 2022


Monday 5 September Finance Committee
Monday 5 September Planning Committee
Monday 12 September Full Council- CANCELLED
Monday 26 September Full Council

October 2022


Monday 3 October Finance Committee
Monday 3 October Planning Committee
Monday 10 October Full Council Venue for this meeting Eastbury Farm School
Monday 17 October Planning Committee
Monday 31 October Planning Committee

November 2022


Monday 7 November Finance Committee
Monday 14 November Full Council
Tuesday 15 November Planning Committee
Monday 28 November Planning Committee

December 2022


Monday 12 December Planning Committee
Wednesday 28 December Planning Committee

January 2023


Monday 9 January Finance Committee
Monday 9 January Planning Committee
Monday 16 January Full Council
Monday 23 January Planning Committee

February 2023


Monday 6 February Finance Committee
Monday 6 February Planning Committee
Monday 13 February Full Council
Monday 20 February Planning Committee

March 2023


Monday 6 March Finance Committee
Monday 6 March Planning Committee
Monday 13 March Full Council
Monday 20 March Planning Committee

April 2023


Monday 3 April Planning Committee
Monday 17 April Planning Committee

May 2023


To be arranged Annual Parish Meeting
Tuesday 2 May Planning Committee
Monday 8 May Finance Committee
Monday 15 May Full Council
Tuesday 16 May Planning Committee
Tuesday 30 May Planning Committee


Staffing Committee Meetings – To be arranged during the Council Year.

All Finance Committee Meetings take place at 10.30 am in Basing House unless otherwise agreed.

All Full Council Meetings take place at 7.00 pm in Basing House unless otherwise agreed.

All Planning Committee Meetings take place at 5.30pm via Zoom, unless otherwise agreed.

Parish Meeting 23 May 2022 is in Colne Room, Watersmeet, at 7.30 pm.