About the Council


Our mission is to act for the benefit of the overall community while safeguarding the heritage and
wider environment of Eastbury, Moor Park and Rickmansworth.


By working with local organisations to protect and improve the social, recreational and environmental well-being of the lives of all who live, visit or work in Eastbury, Moor Park and Rickmansworth. To be recognised by residents, businesses, Three Rivers District Council, Hertfordshire County Council and other agencies as a cost effective value adding local authority that makes a positive contribution to the quality of life within its area.


Our aims, within our remit and under our control are to:

  1. Provide effective, efficient and accountable local government
  2. Listen to and value the opinions of the community which we serve, thus enabling residents to be involved in decision making and future plans which affect their environment or lives
  3. Engage in open dialogue with all residents to understand their needs and concerns and seek ways of assisting in meeting them
  4. Be a strong voice to represent residents’ views to principal authorities and agencies
  5. Engage positively in the protection and improvement of both the built and natural environment within the means of the council, while preserving the uniqueness of heritage areas
  6. Achieve the best financial value in the provision of high quality amenities and services for residents
  7. Keep residents informed about the work undertaken by the community council and about local issues
  8. Be open and transparent in all aspects of our operation
  9. Promote, within our community and our area, activities which support the principles of environmental sustainability and an ethical society
  10. Pursue excellence through continuous improvement and high standards

Register of Members' Interests

The Register provides information about any interest which our Councillors has, or any benefit which he or she receives.

Schedule of Powers and Duties

Local Councils have a wide range of powers and duties. Download the Schedule of Powers and Duties here.

A Rough Guide to Who Does What in Batchworth

See who is responsible for which services within the Batchworth Community Council.

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