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Batchworth Community Council (BCC) is funded by the precept (tax) levied on each household, the rate for each financial year being set by BCC. For the year commencing April 2022, BCC has not increased the precept rate; the rate change is in fact -0.1% compared to the previous year as can be seen on your TRDC council bill or on the district council’s website.

Taking Band G homes as an example, the precept for 2021/2022 was £31.70. For 2022/2023 TRDC has included a charge for Special Expenses within BCC’s breakdown of charges, giving the impression that BCC will receive £142.58 from each Band G household, which it will not. The Special Expenses element was previously included within TRDC’s own council tax charges. This significant change in presentation of council tax charges affects BCC and other parish councils within the TRDC district. BCC will be taking up this matter with TRDC.

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